Small town roots spurred a fascination with the Piedmont Blues in Joshua Jacobson from an early age. Seeking to capture the classic sound through a modern lens, Jacobson makes connections that span generations.  After touring with Cora Mae Bryant as her “number one guitar player,” Jacobson set out to inspire joy in an otherwise serious and heavy world with his album Good Little Thing.  Backed by a team of elites, his album Good Little Thing creates connections between modern themes and traditional sounds. The album captivates and enchants with its light, bouncy melodies that belie the heavy lyric content. “Bipolar Mama” exemplifies the album’s contrasting elements, while Dickey Betts’ guitar leads lend a lusty sound to “Pistol Packin’ Papa.” With the release of Good Little Thing, Jacobson invites a new generation to experience the Piedmont Blues with a twist.